• Case study

    The EnTrade concept was trialled with Wessex Water which has taken an active role in catchment management for many years.

    In 2015 catchment management in Wessex Water entered a new era after it successfully negotiated with the EA, Natural England and Ofwat to offset 40 tonnes of nitrogen from entering Poole Harbour by working with farmers in the catchment rather than building an asset at Dorchester sewage works.

    The Wessex Water catchment team used EnTrade to invite farmers to bid for funding to grow cover crops over winter to reduce the nitrogen leaching into the water course. They ran their first auction in June 2016 advertising a 20-tonne target on the platform and received:

    • 147 bids from
    • 19 farmers for
    • 47.5 tonnes of nitrogen savings across
    • 1,141 hectares of land. 

    "Using EnTrade to create a market in measures to deliver reductions in nitrogen has delivered a 30% saving for Wessex Water compared to traditional catchment approaches." - Ruth Barden, Director of Environmental Strategy, Wessex Water

    Two further auctions were run in February 2017 comprising:

    • A second cover crop auction which received bids for a further 40 tonnes of nitrogen savings against a target of 15 tonnes, at a lower price than the previous auction.
    • An auction for arable reversion which received bids for 8 tonnes of savings over 3 years across 66 hectares.