We dream big

We’re on a mission to harness the dynamism of markets, the innovative energy of business and the disruptive power of technology to deliver a cleaner, healthier environment and restore the resilience and vibrancy of our ecosystems.

But we work small

We design and operate online marketplaces for buying and selling environmental services, with the unique ability to deliver verified, measurable outcomes at a highly granular localised level.

Using our platform, you can quickly discover the optimal price for a desired environmental outcome (for example, reducing excess nutrients in a specific waterway), and connect directly with farmers in that location to deliver at that price.

More than tech

Yes, we’ve built some impressive software, but we’re more than a technology company. We’re an expertise company, with a team of agronomists and environmental scientists experienced in catchment management, farming and conservation.

We can help you outperform your Outcome Delivery Incentives, meet your environmental and CSR objectives and make a positive difference in the world without compromising profitability.

So if you’re frustrated with the slow progress that organisations – both private and public – are making on improving environmental outcomes, get in touch and let’s work together to create something new and transformative.

Starting with water

EnTrade started life as a catchment management solution, and we’ve run a number of successful pilot programs with UK water companies.

Our initial project in the Poole Harbour catchment removed 40 tonnes of nitrogen from the ecosystem, substantially reduced carbon emissions compared to the alternative, generated valuable new revenue opportunities for the farmers involved and delivered a 30% saving on compliance costs to Wessex Water – on top of the millions of pounds saved by not having to build a new treatment plant.

Expanding our horizons

Today, more and more businesses are waking up to their environmental obligations, whether they’re responding to tighter regulation, increased consumer activism or a genuine desire to do better.

Our ability to enable environmental benefits at a granular local level – quickly, simply and cost-effectively – has already attracted interest from a range of private and public organisations and NGOs, including airports, FMCG manufacturers, housing developers and utility companies in the UK and elsewhere.

Work with us

Our trading platform can be used to optimise investment and delivery for any environmental improvement measure, including carbon offsetting, Catchment Nutrient Balancing (CNB), Nutrient/Nitrogen Neutrality, Source Protection, Net Biodiversity Gain (NBG) and Rewilding, increasing landscape connectivity and permeability.

  • Satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Deliver better environmental outcomes
  • Increase ROI on environmental protection and remediation

Get in touch to discuss your environmental objectives.

How to create a market with EnTrade

1. Identify the problem
Any organisation – private or public – can create a marketplace on EnTrade’s platform to enable environmental improvement measures (planting trees or cover crops to offset nutrient run-off, for example, carbon offsetting or rewilding land for net biodiversity gain). If you have something in mind, get in touch and let’s talk.

2. Define the solution
We’ll work with you to come up with a defined set of outcomes, a workable plan to achieve them and the measurement methodologies required to verify them.

3. Get the science right
We retain a highly qualified agronomy and environmental science team to provide advice and support on how best to achieve your environmental objectives, bringing in local expertise when required.

4. Establish supply
The more sellers there are, the more efficient the market will be. We maintain a growing database of registered EnTrade farmers, and will gladly provide on-the-ground support if required to recruit more in your area.

5. Launch the marketplace
Over a 2-4 week period, registered farmers submit prices for delivering some or all of the measures. When the market closes, the total cost of delivery is determined and winning bids are notified. EnTrade takes payment for the project, which it holds in escrow until all the work is completed.

6. Manage and measure
We use a range of technologies, including the EnTrade smartphone app and remote sensing via satellite, to verify that work has been carried out. This growing portfolio of technology solutions enables us to reduce overheads, cutting paperwork for farmers and minimising the need for site visits for verification. EnTrade releases electronic payment to each farmer on completion of agreed work, ensuring accountability for you and improved cash flow for the farmer.